Shaker Style Kitchen

The Shaker-style kitchen has a very long and interesting history. “Shaker Quakers” were a dedicated Christian group that lived a very simplistic way of life, centred around preaching and believing in communal living spaces. Officially known as the “United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearance”, they were founded in England in the 1700s before breaking away in the mid-18th century and migrating to America.

The Shaker Quakers were well known for developing practical and sturdy furniture and homewares. This also expanded into the kitchen where square-framed doors with inset panels were created, normally from the cheapest and easiest wood that was in ample supply and readily available. This would normally be a mixture of fruit trees and pine. They were commonly left bare or painted in a matte finish with the popular “Shaker” colours of red, yellow, green, or blue hues. Walls were commonly left bare or in white, with kitchen utensils hung around the space. After many decades of practicing celibacy, the population died out, however leaving the legacy of the Shaker Kitchen style to inspire many current home and kitchen designs.


Common Characteristics

The cabinet doors on a Shaker kitchen are by far the most important characteristic of these spaces. Consisting of four framed pieces with flat panels in the middle, they make a simple yet powerful statement. The cabinets can be painted in a range of hues and, with modern painting techniques, these can come in a range of colours to suit your overall theme and individual desires.

This kitchen is wonderful at flexing its muscles to be 100% integrated into the design of your current home. The cabinet colours can be custom matched to suit any colour pallet and can enhance a traditional kitchen or those that are leaning towards the contemporary feel.

The overall design is very simple, in keeping with the history of this style of design, with a focus on uncomplicated layouts and decorative handles. However, clever designers have been known to apply a handleless design concept to a Shaker-style kitchen with beautiful results. Originally handles were constructed of wood, however, today these kitchens attract a range of handle styles and finishes to compliment the entire feel of the space.

Many of these kitchens also work well in darker hues which can be used to enhance the design and amp up the visual impact of the space, with the inclusion of contrasting wood to add warmth. Although, the majority mostly stick to lighter hues – think whites, creams and greys – and a gloss finish, the matte finish is also becoming popular.

Other characteristics include the use of natural materials and open shelving to display decorative kitchen items.


Suitable Homes

Probably one of the most attractive components of this kitchen design is that it can be suited and styled to fit with almost any home. With a massive array of cabinet colours and designs, it can be completely customised to suit a wide range of design styles, from the ultra-modern to the more traditional home. Many contemporary homes boast beautiful Shaker kitchens, whole the common cottage themed home is also just as much a perfect match for this design concept. Clever storage is important to enhance the look and feel of the cabinetry and focal points around the space.

Sleek, simple, and stunning: these kitchens are sure to fit into any abode with ease. With the right guidance and a dash of expert advice this kitchen can be the standout in your next project.

Our Difference

Because of their experience, our designers know the latest trends and materials, or the classics used in today’s kitchens. We can help design you a kitchen that creates a striking or calming effect, while being energy efficient. We can also design a kitchen that is easy to maintain or the most durable for your lifestyle. At the planning stage, we will discuss your requirements and parameters to design a kitchen that will suit your home and your needs, without blowing your budget.

Our designers at Mint Kitchens will be available to consult with the construction team and clarify specifications as needed. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, so we know the importance of communication when it comes to getting a project from consultation and design through to construction and completion.

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Why choose us?

When you design your new kitchen with Mint, we take the stress out of renovations. We offer full project management and excellent customer service – our job is only finished when you’re 100% happy.

Whether you’re new to renovating or have managed projects in the past, we have a personal approach to design and construction. Your kitchen will be delivered to you on time and on budget. Our joinery is all proudly made in Melbourne and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Our designers are CKD.Au certified and our builders registered (RBP). All this means that when it comes to your new kitchen – we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services or request a free consult.

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