Laundry designer

Laundry designer

Redoing your laundry? We’ve got you covered. When it comes to the laundry, space matters. It’s less about square metres and all about function. When you’re designing a new laundry, there are several important considerations to make concerning appliances like washers, dryers, storage and the wet areas. Whether you’re designing the mud room of your dreams or renovating a small laundry, specialist advice can make all the difference. At Mint, we offer customised solutions, tailored to your budget. Read on for what you need to know about laundries and who at Mint can help you on your way.

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What is a laundry designer?

A laundry designer will take the time to look at your existing home and lifestyle requirements. This will help them to design a laundry that suits your needs today and into the future. Small spaces in particular benefit from an expert to configure your sinks, storage, work area and washing/drying capacity. You’ll have everything you need, with the freedom to move. Larger laundries benefit from a designer’s input to thoughtfully configure appliances and cabinetry to balance function and décor.

What do laundry designers do?

The designer is responsible for developing the concept and layout of your laundry. At the end of this stage, a completed plan and design drawing will be finalised and ready for tradespeople to commence building.

Importantly, a laundry designer will spot hidden problems at the planning stage which save on costly revisions down the track. They will make sure measurements, building standards, such as ventilation and plumbing and fixtures are correct and of high quality. While laundries are often neglected in terms of style, interior design can transform this room from a basic washing area, to a more inspiring or soothing sanctuary to do laundry.

A laundry designer will also provide insight into spatial planning. The question of what goes where may seem simple, but the correct placement of key laundry elements is vital. It can mean the difference between easily organising washing, or tumbling over hampers and a decluttered functional space or sifting through cupboards for detergent.

Perhaps best of all, a laundry designer consults with you to decide on fixtures and fittings. Their expertise makes selecting sinks, taps, shelving, cabinetry and whatever else you need in your laundry a hassle-free process. They can advise on durability, function and style so you save on hours on online research.

At Mint, all our laundry designers are highly experienced and also hold design certifications. You can be sure that you’ll be delivered a laundry that is functional and has an aesthetic sensibility, or style, that resonates with you. Because of their experience, our designers know the latest trends and materials or the classics used in today’s laundries. We can help design you a laundry that creates a striking or soothing effect, while being energy efficient. Or a laundry that is easy to maintain or the most durable for your lifestyle. At the planning stage, we will discuss your requirements and parameters to design a laundry that will suit your home and your needs, without blowing your budget.

Our designers will be available to consult with the construction team and clarify specifications as needed. We’ve been in the business 30 years so we know the importance of communication when it comes to getting a project from consultation and design through to construction and completion.

Where to next?

Mint Kitchen Group are leading laundry renovators with a reputation for inspiring design, impeccable build and expert installation of custom-made laundry renovations.

if you are looking for laundry designers to help you project manage the whole renovation project, contact us today!

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Why choose us?

When you design your new laundry with Mint, we take the stress out of renovations. We offer full project management and excellent customer service – our job is only finished when you’re 100% happy.
Whether you’re new to renovating or have managed projects in the past, we have a personal approach to design and construction. Your laundry will be delivered to you on time and on budget. Our joinery is all proudly made in Melbourne and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Our designers are CKD.Au certified and our builders registered (RBP). All this means that when it comes to your new laundry – we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services or request a free consult.