Bathroom Wall Designs

Classic white, fully tiled or featured panelling – these are some ways with walls that make a statement and refresh your bathroom. However, a bathroom wall design is different from the rest of the walls in your home. You need style, function, durability and hygiene. Below we share what you need to know when it comes to designing your bathroom walls and the options you have for transforming your bathroom into the ultimate personal sanctuary.


First things first: all bathroom wall designs need to have the proper prep before the interior surface is laid. To prevent structural damage, it is essential to get bathroom walls right, first time. Dampness, water and condensation are all part of regular bathroom activities, but you don’t want them in foundations, floor or walls. By the time you notice anything wrong, like a leak, chances are serious damage is already done. To prevent damage, waterproofing your walls is a critical, a multi-step process. Once cured, you can add your tiles, panels, resin or specialist wallpaper. Waterproofing is best done by a professional and particular building standards are required, so get a licensed practitioner to help you out.


There are two ways to go about planning wall surfaces in the bathroom – start with fixtures and design your walls to match, or start with the walls of your choice and find fixtures that work. Either way, you want to have a sense of flow and complementarity between the function of your bathroom (toilet, shower, vanity and bath) and its décor. Feature walls, accent finishes, tones and textures and lighting are all tools you can use to give your bathroom the wow factor.


You may have a look in mind, but what materials are best used on bathroom walls? After all, it’s a wet and humid space, even with the best exhaust fans and ventilation available. You have several options:

  • Tiles: classic, durable and available in countless designs and textures. If you hate grout, you can get large tiles that almost seamlessly integrate with each other, or opt for peel-and-stick varieties.
  • Paint: today you can buy specialist bathroom paint that keeps out moisture and inhibits mildew. As it contains high end resin, once this paint dries it creates a tight barrier that will not absorb any moisture in the air.
  • Wallpaper: certain types of heavy weight vinyl wallpaper will functionally and stylishly protect your bathroom walls. This is not your old school wallpaper – vinyl wallpaper is removable and waterproof, and if applied well, will last. Look out for a splash proof variety and prepare the walls underneath for best adhesion.
  • Panels: a great alternative to tiling, where strips of wood are added to walls and then painted. This adds colour, texture and thickness that have endless design potential from wainscoting, box molding, to floor-to-ceiling.
  • Premium pine and MDF are common woods that can be used for panel designs, as well as wood plastic composites, glass or even all in one hydro panels (wet walls).

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    What are a bathroom wall designs?

    Materials that are placed on the surface of the bathroom wall to add style and décor as well as protect your home’s walls and foundations.

    How much do bathroom wall designs cost?

    What you put on your bathroom walls and how much is installed will affect the cost. Tiling can range from $20-$250 per sqm for materials plus an average of $60 per sqm for installation. Bathroom suitable wallpaper is purchased by roll and starts from $60 – $600 per 10 metre roll. Painting will cost around $200 – $400 or more depending on size, the type of paint and the complexity of the job. The cost of panels vary widely as there are many materials they can be made from.

    What is an affordable bathroom wall design option?

    Paint delivers the most affordability, but wall panels and wallpaper, or a combination of both, are cost effective options for your bathroom walls.

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