Handleless Kitchen Style

Over the last two decades, the demand for the handleless kitchen design has soared. Once commonly used to create very niche and contemporary designs, today the handleless kitchen style is an enduring style choice.

The handless design feature is simple, clutter-free and highly functional, and very much in keeping with early 20th century Bauhaus style kitchen, while also encompassing the late 19th century German design style of sleek lines, minimalistic and handleless options.

Handleless design is popular because it is sleek and stunning and it enhances the overall design of the kitchen with an even, uninterrupted flow and strong, simple lines. The style offers a timeless appeal while adding an element of pure indulgence and functionality.

Even though this design can be incorporated into many different kitchens, the entire look is a very contemporary feel that focuses on even flow and strong lines.


Common Characteristics

True to its name – the handleless kitchen is completely handle free. Technology in cabinet hardware design allows for cleverly-designed doors and drawers that can be tailored for push-to-open, or hidden handle points, or the traditional top rail. This is a little slot that runs along the top of drawers or cupboards and allows for fingertip access space to open the drawer or cupboard with ease. Not only is this highly functional, but it can also allow the benchtop to have a floating appeal and stay true to the contemporary feel of the space. Some designs also include a stunning LED light feature that can add a central point of attraction (and make it easy to find).

These kitchens are clutter-free and boast beautiful, strong lines and flush cabinetry. Cabinets are normally completely flat fronted, for an ultra-contemporary and sleek, sophisticated finish but can also be applied to the more subtle appeal of a shaker-style option. To enhance the look of the handleless kitchen, complement with cabinetry in a range of colours to suit the overall theme of the home, from dark and deep to white and bright options. Choose finishes in high-quality veneer combined with striking benchtops in either stone or man-made materials.

These kitchens are very much minimalistic in appearance and design. For this reason, good storage is paramount to keep the space free of benchtop clutter. Butlers’ pantries are a wonderful option to hide all the much-needed kitchen appliances and instruments. If space is an issue, clever use of cupboards and state-of-the-art storage solutions can ensure the area is kept free of appliances and utensils.

To add a little individuality and warmth to the space, consider open shelving and statement kitchen pieces.

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Suitable Homes

The true handleless kitchen is suited to the more contemporary home design. Because their aesthetic is super modern, they generally are not well suited to homes that boast a lot of character or more traditional designs. The handleless kitchen is sleek and refined, with its ultra-modern appeal highlighting bold, clean, crisp lines. With minimal, if any, accents on cabinetry – it’s all about enhancing the flat, uninterrupted linear nature of the vertical surfaces, allowing the eye to easily and effortlessly study the space.

A handleless kitchen is perfectly suited to large or small areas. With strong bold lines and flat, flush surfaces, this design style offers a smaller space the illusion of room, while making a big statement in a larger zone.

Handleless kitchens can offer a space that has a unique and contemporary feel, while making a stunning statement in any modern abode. Plus they are super functional and provide highly durable and easy-to-clean surfaces, adding to their appeal to busy homeowners.

Our Difference

Because of their experience, our designers know the latest trends and materials, or the classics used in today’s kitchens. We can help design you a kitchen that creates a striking or calming effect, while being energy efficient. We can also design a kitchen that is easy to maintain or the most durable for your lifestyle. At the planning stage, we will discuss your requirements and parameters to design a kitchen that will suit your home and your needs, without blowing your budget.

Our designers will be available to consult with the construction team and clarify specifications as needed. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, so we know the importance of communication when it comes to getting a project from consultation and design through to construction and completion when it comes to your kitchen renovation.


Why choose us?

When you design your new kitchen with Mint, we take the stress out of renovating your kitchen. We offer full project management and excellent customer service – our job is only finished when you’re 100% happy.

Whether you’re new to renovating or have managed projects in the past, we have a personal approach to design and construction. Your kitchen will be delivered to you on time and on budget. Our joinery is all proudly made in Melbourne and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Our designers are CKD.Au certified and our builders registered (RBP). All this means that when it comes to your new kitchen – we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services or request a free consult.

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