Black Kitchens

For many years the dream kitchen was a gleaming white and bright marble. However, over the years this common trend was replaced with an array of colours and details. One of the biggest trending design concepts has certainly been the introduction of black surfaces and total black kitchens – in both matte and gloss finishes. Making a bold and beautiful statement, these kitchen styles are fast becoming increasingly popular in many homes around the world.

Many homeowners are now experimenting with black benchtops, cabinetry, floors and details. Even appliances, with many major brands now increasing their development of black dishwashers, refrigerators, rangehoods and many more. The total black kitchen not only looks incredibly sophisticated and sleek, it’s also highly functional. In the beginning this design concept was a nightmare in terms of keeping surfaces looking clean and scratch-free as well as, more importantly, finger-print free. But with the introduction of a range of breathtaking new products, budding black enthusiasts can completely indulge in this wonderful new trend.


Common Characteristics

It’s not surprising to hear that the main characteristic when it comes to a black kitchen is, of course, a variety of black tones and hues. While some kitchens are completely black, others contain contrasting elements to lift the space and provide light and shade. Clever design concepts are vital when introducing darker colours and black into your kitchen. Being a dark tone, they can enclose a space and make the area seem smaller. Clever, open plan design can ensure that your chosen black elements do not make the space to seem cramped and crowded.


Many black kitchens also contain element of nature, such as lighter wood detailing to add a touch of warmth while adding a striking focal point. The key with any black kitchen is good lighting. Naturally utilising black in any form will darken the zone. So, adding ample light will create a light and warm feel while also creating the sharp lines and contrasting shadows that make these kitchens pop. Light can counteract a gloomy appearance and bring the space to life.

Many black kitchen owners also opt for different textures to bring their kitchens to life. Think shiny black splashbacks alongside matte black cabinetry to add a distinct focal feature.


Suitable Homes

When it comes to black kitchens open plan is a must. Small, cut off spaces can include elements of black, however going all-in will certainly box the space considerably and make the area seem gloomy and dull. Open spaces with ample area will ensure these kitchens look spectacular. It’s also important to consider the entire feel of your home. Black kitchens tend to be a very modern approach to kitchen design, however some elements of black certainly enhance the industrial kitchen. Total black kitchens are suited perfectly to homes that encompass a modern feel throughout the home. Older more traditional homes may incorporate some black features in their kitchen, however adding a bold black modern kitchen into the home may seem out of place.

Considering a black kitchen for your new kitchen design will certainly see your new project stand out from the crowd. Bold and beautiful, these kitchens make a wonderful statement and are not only breathtakingly stunning, but also highly functional and surprisingly easy to maintain. With good design ideas, and expert advice you can create the black kitchen of your dreams. Whether you choose a total black kitchen, or considering adding elements of black into your design, it will certainly become a talking point amongst friends and family.

Our Difference

Because of their experience, our designers know the latest trends and materials, or the classics used in today’s kitchens. We can help design you a kitchen that creates a striking or calming effect, while being energy efficient. We can also design a kitchen that is easy to maintain or the most durable for your lifestyle. At the planning stage, we will discuss your requirements and parameters to design a kitchen that will suit your home and your needs, without blowing your budget.

Our designers will be available to consult with the construction team and clarify specifications as needed. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, so we know the importance of communication when it comes to getting a project from consultation and design through to construction and completion when it comes to your kitchen renovation.


Why choose us?

When you design your new kitchen with Mint, we take the stress out of renovations. We offer full project management and excellent customer service – our job is only finished when you’re 100% happy.

Whether you’re new to renovating or have managed projects in the past, we have a personal approach to design and construction. Your kitchen design will be delivered to you on time and on budget. Our joinery is all proudly made in Melbourne and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Our designers are CKD.Au certified and our builders registered (RBP). All this means that when it comes to your new kitchen – we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services or request a free consult.

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