What is The Standard Kitchen Sink Size?

What is the Standard Kitchen Sink Size?

The best sinks are practical and stylish. But what type will best suit your kitchen design? 

Standard sink sizes are sinks that fit most kitchens and below we outline the dimensions and things you should know about kitchen sink size.

Key Summary

There are many types of kitchen sinks and many have common dimensions. While there is no one-size-fits-all, kitchen sink size is a good starting point to consider when designing your new kitchen.

What is a standard kitchen sink size?

What is a Standard Kitchen Sink Size?

What is the standard kitchen sink size? Standard size can refer to several measurements, including length, width and bowl depth measurements. 

22×30” or 22×33” used to be standard measurements.  However, there are not really standard sink sizes anymore due to the variety now available.

However, as a general guide,  an optimal range for a single bowl sink is:

  • Length of 70cm to 77cm.
  • Width of 48 to 55 cm.
  • Bowl Depth of 18cm to 20cm.

We discuss the different types of sinks below in further detail.

Width, Height and Depth: What’s the Difference?

There are key dimensions to know when thinking about sink size. They are width, height and depth, or WxHxD.

Sink Depth

Depth is the measurement from the top of the sink’s rim to the bottom of the drain. Another way to think of it: if you were to reach into the sink to pull out the plug, how far in you reach is depth.

Sink Width

The measurement from the back of the sink (near the tap) to the front. However, it’s worth noting that some people refer to width as the depth.

Sink Length

Length is the side-to-side measurement of the sink.

Remember, when installing a sink its WxHxD will determine the WxHxD measurements for the benchtop’s cut out – they are not the same measurement!

Types of Kitchen Sinks and Size

There are a wide range of different types of sinks. Size is also linked to the number of basins or bowls your sink has.

Single Bowl Sink

In general, sinks up to 75-90cm long will have a single bowl. A single bowl sink can save on bench or counter space.

Yet single basins vary widely and range from:

  • 56cm to 120cm length.
  • 20cm to 31cm depth.
  • 50cm to 60cm width.

Double Bowl 

Another name for a double sink. Many sinks have two bowls the same size or a configuration with one smaller and the other larger. 

Sinks more than 76cm long usually have at least two bowls, but it is possible to find a few single-bowl sinks in a larger size.

A common range for double sinks is a length from 80cm to 120cm and width of 48cm – but remember to factor in space for drainage area if you want that also.

Larger size

Similar to double bowl, sinks more than 76cm long are larger.

Some of the largest sinks are farmhouse style which suit a traditional kitchen due to their vintage appeal. They are a deeper sink so expect them to have capacity to hold the most water than most other sinks.


Sinks larger than 90cm in length are oversized. These are most common in large kitchens and professional or industrial spaces, where space is crucial.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Standard Size Sink?

There are many advantages to installing a sink with common measurements, including:


You will have the most choice on the market, whether for a kitchen island, U or L shaped, galley, open or parallel bench. You will also have more choice of materials including stainless steel, porcelain, copper, natural and stone composites and more. When you have more choice, matching decor is easier.


Common sinks sizes tend to be easier to install and your tradesperson will have the most experience working with these dimensions.


Provides a good fit for most bench tops, but still has room for most people’s washing up needs, especially in the age of the dishwasher. Compared to deeper large sinks, standard size sinks do not require large amounts of water to fill them.


More affordable than custom or made-to-order sizes, as additional labour, manufacturing and design processes are not required.

Are There Any Disadvantages to a Standard Size Sink?

The main consideration if you are thinking about installing a sink with common measurements is, of course, size. 

While the common measurement range suits most kitchens, it may not have the capacity you individually need. This might be washing awkward items or holding all the dirty dishes. In this example, a larger size with a deeper bowl might better suit your needs.

Need Help Deciding on Sink Size? Speak to the Kitchen Renovation Experts

Sink size is an important consideration when designing your kitchen. Mint Kitchens can help you choose the best type of sink for your needs and properly install it in. Contact us today to get started!

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