What is the Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height?

What is the Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height?

In kitchen renovations, it’s important to get the right cabinetry. Too small and nothing fits, too large and you can’t find anything. 

Finding the right size begins with measuring your space. Should you then just use a standard size?

Read below to learn about cabinet height and the difference it makes to the function and look of your kitchen.

Key Summary

Standard kitchen cabinet heights vary across manufacturers. However, there are a series of standard height measurements to refer to for each cabinet type.

What is the Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height

What is Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height?

What is the standard kitchen cabinet height? Does it vary? In short, yes. 

But there are several typical heights that cabinets are available which will guide the height of kitchen cabinets that you decide to install.

Types of Cabinets and their Heights

There are a range of standard heights to suit certain kitchen designs, although they vary by manufacturer.

Floor or Base Cabinets

The foundation for the other cabinets in the kitchen. Their height does not include the toe kick. The most common base cabinet height is 720mm.

This works to create an overall bench height of 850mm to 1000mm. And 900mm to 950mm is said to be the best height for a comfortable kitchen workspace.

Standard Wall Cabinets

The most common heights available are 30cm, 70cm and 90cms.

However, your overhead cabinet height is influenced by what is happening below it. For example, overhead or upper cabinets near cooktops need a minimum clearance of 600mm, or 700mm if near a gas stove.

Tall Cabinets

Come in several standard sizes to suit ceiling heights. 2133mm (84”), 2286 (90”) and 2438mm (96”). 

Pantry cabinets are also a type of tall cabinet and are often built to fit a total height of 1990mm to 2400mm.

Kitchen Cabinet Height vs Depth vs Width: What’s the Difference?

When deciding on the dimensions, three key measurements determine the size of your cabinets. They are width x height x depth.

Kitchen cabinet height

Height is how tall your cabinet is and is also referred to as length.

Kitchen cabinet width

Width is the horizontal or left-to-right measurement of the cabinet. Standard height and depth exist for various cabinets, but they are then available in various widths.

Kitchen cabinet depth

Depth is how far back you can reach into your cabinet. The depth measurement of a cabinet includes door thickness and the drawer front, but excludes the door handles.

What Are the Advantages of a Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height?

There are several advantages to using standard height in your kitchen design, including:


You have more choice if you DIY or choose pre-made options as manufacturers produce the most variety in standard dimensions.


Cabinets that are made to standard dimensions are generally more affordable as they won’t need additional labour to create bespoke designs.


Typically suit standard appliances. So using cabinets of a standard height make appliance shopping straightforward.

Are There Any Disadvantages of a Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height?

There are two main considerations if you are thinking about installing cabinets using standard dimensions:


Standard heights may not work in all kitchens. For example, if you have a narrow space or tighter space you might need smaller cabinets.

Or you might have requirements such as additional storage space or aspirations for a floor to ceiling design. This may require custom cabinetry to be designed to suit your ceiling height and overall kitchen space.


If you wish to increase your working space, sometimes standard size cabinetry is not the best option. Depending on your cooking style, you might require additional cabinets to house irregular shaped appliances unsuited to standard size cabinets and cupboards.

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