What is the Standard Kitchen Bench Height?

What is the Standard Kitchen Bench Height?

If you are building or renovating your kitchen, a bench is a focal point. But have you considered what is a standard kitchen bench height in relation to your design? 

Standard height refers to the dimensions that most benches will be installed. When it comes to elevation and benches, there are several factors to keep in mind. Read below for more information and measurements.

Key Summary

What is the Standard Kitchen Bench Height? It is the vertical measurement from floor to bench at which most benches are installed. It ranges from 850mm to 1050mm, but the most common height is 900 to 950mm.

What is the Standard Kitchen Bench Height

When renovating or building, measurements matter. In the kitchen, one of the most prominent features is the bench and its dimensions can change the whole flow of a room.

Height is a measurement of the distance between the floor and the top of the bench (or counter).

The top of the bench is the flat surface where you perform tasks like meal preparation. 

Did you search for what is standard kitchen counter height? It is the same as the standard bench height in Australia.  

The standard height for benchtops is 900-920mm which includes the kickboard. However, a standard range for benchtop installation is 850mm to 1050mm.

Heights from 850mm to 1050mm: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to standard size, a height range is useful. It includes:


For someone shorter, a lower bench may be a more comfortable height to work at. 


Popular for taller people and those who like a breakfast bench style, like a kitchen island bench.


Benches can also be installed which can be raised and lowered. Adjustable height provides more flexibility to your workspace and the height requirements of the people who use it.

How does Kitchen Bench Height impact Kitchen Renovations?


The evenness of your floor will need to be taken into consideration, as well as the finished floor coverings and point of measurement. 

For some builders, a standard benchtop height is measured from the slab. If you then have coverings such as tiles on top, after installation the actual bench may sit lower than 900mm. 

Always clarify with your installer where the measurement is taken from before ordering and they can adjust so you get the height you desire.


Keep in mind that benches will also have varying thicknesses. A thicker bench will need lower cabinetry below to fit underneath.

If you need more space underneath and want a thick bench, double-check to see how a standard bench height impacts this design aspiration and whether an adjustment is needed.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Standard Height?

There are many advantages to using a standard height for your kitchen benches, including:


A standard height generally means you have a wider choice of materials to choose from for your kitchen bench as manufacturers produce the most products to standard sizes.


Standard dimensions will suit the widest variety of people using the kitchen. A home’s resale value will not be affected.


900mm will suit most appliances, such as dishwashers, that may be installed under your kitchen bench.


Using a standard height in your kitchen design is the most cost effective and easiest to install as trades commonly build to these specifications.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using a Standard Height?

There are two main considerations if you are thinking about installing a bench using a standard height:


While a standard size height biomechanically suits a lot of people, it does not suit all. If you have access requirements, such as mobility, you’ll probably want to consider requesting a custom height from your kitchen designer.

You might be a taller or shorter person and this can affect how easily you can use the kitchen. When it comes to design, consider meeting the needs of the people using the kitchen the most.


Custom storage designs can be limited if you select a standard height. If you have a tricky kitchen layout, changing from a standard bench height could be something to maximise your kitchen’s overall utility.

Speak to the Kitchen Renovation Experts

A kitchen bench often takes centre stage. When considering a standard kitchen benchtop height, think about the people using their bench and their requirements and stature. 

Need some help? Contact our expert team for advice on kitchen benches and recommendations.

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