What is A Pantry Cabinet?

What is A Pantry Cabinet?

All homes need storage and a pantry is the perfect place to house cooking items, food supplies and anything you want on hand for the kitchen. But what type is best for your kitchen? 

A pantry cabinet is customisable and keeps everything you need close by in a contained space with a door. Inside, it might contain shelves, drawers, racks or sliding units. 

Pantry cabinets are available in many materials, colours and sizes in both customisable and standard designs that suit your needs and budget.

Key Summary

What is a pantry cabinet? A pantry cabinet is a style of kitchen storage that can be configured to suit any size kitchen. They are generally tall and spacious.

Pantry cabinets are a highly functional way to organise your cooking and food storage in a central location. They feature a variety of shelving and insert options and provide a streamlined look in your kitchen.

What is a Pantry Cabinet?


What is a Pantry Cabinet?

Pantries can range in design from walk-in, slide-out, butler’s, open and many more, but the cabinet is one of the most versatile and popular kitchen options.

When renovating or building new, storage is crucial to a clutter-free living space. In the kitchen, a pantry cabinet is typically located in a convenient space for someone cooking such as near the fridge or stove.

It is a closable unit that can be tailored to meet your design requirements and is a key aspect of any functional and stylish kitchen space.

What are the different types of Pantries?

When it comes to pantries, there are many types available that may suit your kitchen design. Common configurations include:


Pantry cabinets are used to store items including non-perishable food, dishes, cooking and cleaning supplies and even appliances. They can be made wide and deep enough to store larger items that don’t fit inside standard cabinets.


A separate space located off the kitchen that you can step inside and store items and supplies. Walk-in pantries often feature a combination of storage options such as drawers, shelves and cupboards.

Walk-ins are popular as floor-to-ceiling pantries and are typically able to be closed off from the main kitchen.


Sliding or pull-out pantries are deep and narrow units on runners that can be slid out to reveal baskets or shelves that house kitchen items.


Mainly feature shelves and cabinets that are installed along a wall, with sliding or cabinet doors. Popular in rooms with limited space for deep cupboards.


A freestanding pantry is a unit that is not an integrated fixtureas the name suggests, it stands by itself like a piece of furniture. These pantries may feature shelves, cabinets or racks depending on their build.

What Are the Advantages of Pantry Cabinets?

There are many reasons why kitchens benefit from pantry cabinets:


They provide the space to store and coordinate everything you need in the kitchen saving you time, money and your sanity! Well organised cabinets also make cooking far more efficient and enjoyable.


While a series of standard dimensions are available, pantry cabinets can be made to fit the smallest and largest of spaces, put into a corner and are available in many depths and lengths to suit your storage needs.


A pantry cabinet means you don’t have to leave the room to access supplies, helping you to cook and pack away more efficiently.


Unlike some walk-ins or open shelving, cabinets often have compartments or doors that can be closed and even locked. This means you can hide away kitchen clutter and keep little fingers away from pre-dinner snacks.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Pantry Cabinets?


Plan ahead and stick to an organisational system. Otherwise cabinets, especially deep ones, may become caverns of forgotten items.


Cabinets have a maximum size to be functional and this may limit how much you can fit into a single cabinet. However, if you require additional space, simply add several pantry cabinets to boost your storage capacity.

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