What is a Kickboard?

What is a Kickboard?

Small but mighty. A vital feature in kitchens is the kickboard. But how do they work and how are they installed? 

Read on to learn more about kickboards and their function in today’s kitchen designs.

Key Summary

A kickboard is an additional area between the floor and your base cabinet or cupboards. It has adequate recess so you can comfortably stand at your kitchen bench or bathroom vanity.

Kickboards are often subtle, but they deliver great ergonomic benefits.

what is a kickboard

What is a Kickboard?

What is a kickboard? Kickboards are a handy, recessed space at the bottom of your cabinet or cupboards.

A kickboard means you can stand close but you won’t stub your toe. When your kitchen has a kickboard, you can stand at your bench without leaning over, which is great for posture and alignment.

The most common dimensions for a kickboard are between 50 to 100mm depth and 100 to 200mm height. They are made from a variety of materials including wood, types of plastic and metal.

Kickboard vs Toe Kick: What’s the Difference?

The difference between these is the name. In America, kickboards are often referred to as toe kicks. In Australia, we tend to say kickboards. You might even hear the term, kickers!

No matter what you call it, a kickboard installed at the optimal height is stylish, practical and protects your kitchen cabinets and feet.

How are Kickboards used in Kitchen Renovations?

There are several ways kickboard feature in the kitchen, including:

Leg levelers 

A cabinet or cupboard can be placed on recessed legs which stand on the floor. Leg levelers can adjust to make a bench flatter when it’s placed on uneven floors.

To build the kickboard, a strip of material or board is attached to the front of the legs for a seamless cabinet finish.


The kickboard is built into the bottom of the cabinet. Also known as integrated or a notched shaped recess.

In this type of kickboard, the sides of the cabinet will touch the floor and just the front section is recessed.


It’s important to note that the kickboard itself does not bear load. The kickboard is simply the protective board that is attached to the plinths or legs of cabinetry. This means they can be replaced with relative ease in the future.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Kickboard?

There are many advantages to installing kickboards, including:

Kick Space

The design of a kickboard means you have room to ‘kick.’ Your feet can rest under a section of your custom cabinets and you can stand closer to the work surface.

While you probably won’t be kicking your cabinet bases on purpose, the recessed space is handy to avoid accidentally stubbing your toes. You can also balance better as you stand with better alignment at a cabinet with a recessed kickboard.


A kickboard encloses your cabinetry so the areas underneath are not exposed. This means there’s no opportunity for dust and debris to gather, making this area more sanitary.


Kickboards are visually pleasing as they give your cabinets and cupboards a finished look. They can also be a design feature if made in a contrasting material such as stainless steel or patterned trim.

Are There Any Disadvantages to a Kickboard?

There are two main considerations if you are thinking about installing kickboards:


If you prefer a minimalist or contemporary style, kickboards may not be suitable. If you want the look of floating cabinetry, a kickboard may not complement this design preference.


As kickboards close off the space between floor and cabinet, they do not allow light to move through this area, which can impact how you perceive the size of a room.

Want Kickboards in your Kitchen? Speak to the Kitchen Renovation Experts

Need help deciding which cabinet kickboards will best suit your kitchen renovation? Speak to our friendly, expert team at Mint Kitchens for advice and tips. 

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