What are Retractable Kitchen Doors?

What are Retractable Kitchen Doors?

Retractable doors are popular among those looking to add style and convenience to their modern kitchen. These doors make your space feel bigger and more open, without losing the integrity of your interior design.

Retractable doors work like curtains: they can be tucked away when open and closed when you need to separate your hidden kitchen. They not only save space, but will offer privacy when needed and better flow of space when not in use.

Read below to discover more about retractable kitchen doors and their benefits.

Key Summary

Retractable kitchen doors are stylish and flexible. They will save space by receding into the wall unit when open, but can be fully closed to allow privacy when needed. 

Whether it is to house a coffee and tea station or fill an entire door frame, retractable doors in your home will strike a balance between open plan and zoned living. Suited to small and large kitchens, the sleek profile of retractable doors blends well with most design schemes and can be customised to cater to your needs.

What are Retractable Kitchen Doors?

Are you wondering, what are retractable kitchen doors? These are doors that can be opened or closed by moving in or out of a frame. They do not swing in or out on a hinge like a traditional door.

Retractable doors are available in a wide range of options including a single or double panel that can slide horizontally, vertically, or both. Your approach to kitchen design will inform which retractable will best suit your needs.

They provide a full opening and when the door is not being usedthe door is completely out of the way.

What are the Types of Kitchen Doors?

In Australia, there are several types of door configurations. They include:

Retractable Doors

A door that is opened or closed by retracting or extending the panel along a track or into a frame.

Pocket Doors

When opened a pocket door will slide into a compartment (or pocket) inside the wall.

Traditional Doors

The most common type of door that sits on hinges and is opened or closed through the use of a door handle. Also known as flush doors.

Folding Doors

Offer two or more panels that are hinged together in vertical sections, so when they close, it concertinas into itself – like an accordion. Types include a bi-fold door (two panels).

What are the Advantages of Retractable Kitchen Doors?

Key benefits include:

  • Visibility: retractable doors can increase your sight lines and create open and inviting living spaces. Use them to enhance flow in your kitchen and take up less visual space than traditional doors.
  • Maximise Space: the ultimate in deceptive space saving solutions. Retractable kitchen doors suit compact spaces and are an efficient use of kitchen space.
  • Customisable: to suit your design, retractable doors can be customised to suit the size of your kitchen and doorway.
  • Flexible: Retractable doors slide out of sight when not required but can also enclose areas when needed. They offer the best of both worlds when it comes to enclosure and open space.
  • Design: retractable doors are popular in modern and contemporary homes, but more rustic and classic designs are available to suit a range of decor. Retractable doors create a point of difference in the home and can function as a design feature.

What are the Disadvantages of Retractable Kitchen Doors?

  • Cost: compared to a regular, hinged door, a more complicated installation is required and this will increase the cost.
  • Repair: if damaged, a retractable door may require more complex repairs compared to a hinged door due to the supporting mechanisms.
  • Privacy: some retractable doors do not offer as much in the way of soundproofing as solid doors. Therefore, it is best to select a customised option if, at times, you will require additional privacywhich a retractable design will provide.

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