What Are Pressed Metal Splashbacks?

What Are Pressed Metal Splashbacks?

Choosing a splashback for your new kitchen or laundry is an important decision which can have a significant impact on the finished look, feel and durability of the space.

If you want to create a character-filled space with loads of personality, pressed metal is one splashback option that’s worth considering—but what are pressed metal splashbacks and how well do they perform? Let us bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about this striking splashback material.

Key Summary

Pressed metal is a decorative material typically made from aluminium that is commonly used as a splashback in kitchens, laundries and other spaces.

What Are Pressed Metal Splashbacks?

Pressed metal is constructed from a sheet of metal (usually an aluminium alloy, but other metals such as copper, brass, perforated and galvanised steel can also be used) which is pressed into a variety of decorative patterns. 

Traditionally used to line ceilings, pressed metal is now used for a wide range of purposes including splashbacks, feature walls and dado panelling. When used as a splashback, pressed metal has proven to be a beautiful, durable and economical option which can add plenty of character to a space.

What Are the Benefits of a Pressed Metal Splashback?

There are numerous benefits to a pressed metal splashback. These include:

  • Adds loads of character and personality: The unique appearance of pressed metal is possibly the main attraction to the material, always adding plenty of wow factor to a space. Pressed metal can be produced in so many different patterns to suit your personal style, from intricate and elaborate traditional designs, to more modern geometric or brick-style patterns. 
  • Unlimited choice of colours: Pressed metal can be either painted or powder coated in almost any colour to suit your preference. The material can also be repainted in a different colour if you ever want to update the colour scheme within the space, or you could simply seal the raw metal with a clear varnish to retain its natural silver appearance.
  • Low-maintenance: When sealed or powder coated, pressed metal becomes non-porous, making it a very low-maintenance, long-lasting option that’s easy to keep clean.
  • Affordability: Pressed metal is a relatively economical splashback option. While some splashback materials can cost hundreds of dollars per square meter, you can usually purchase pressed metal panels (approx. 1800 x 600mm) for around $100 to $150 each.
  • Durability: Pressed metal ceilings are known to last for more than 100 years, which provides an indication of how durable the material is! It’s heat resistant making it suitable for use behind stove tops, it won’t rust, and it’s also water resistant.
  • Weatherproof: Pressed metal can be used both internally or externally, meaning it’s even suitable to use as a splashback in an outdoor kitchen.

Do Pressed Metal Splashbacks Need to be Painted?

While a pressed metal splashback should always be sealed for protection, it’s entirely up to you whether you would prefer a painted or raw splashback. 

You can keep the natural silver look of the pressed metal by opting to seal it with a clear varnish, or you can choose to match your splashback to the colour scheme of the rest of the space by having it either powder coated, or painting it using a suitable metal etching primer and enamel or oil-based paint in a colour of your choosing.

Is Paint or Powder Coating Better for a Pressed Metal Splashback?

Powder coating is generally considered to be more durable than paint (which makes it more suitable for outdoor use), however, painting the pressed metal is generally recommended when used as a splashback. 

Not only is painting usually more affordable, but it is also more effective for achieving a seamless finish, as any joins and overlaps can be gapped before painting.

Are Pressed Metal Splashbacks Difficult to Clean?

While pressed metal does have a bumpy surface, it’s surprisingly easy to clean—in fact, it’s not too different to cleaning a tiled splashback! 

Using warm soapy water and soft cloth, simply wipe any spills or grime off the splashback to keep it looking beautiful for many years. It’s important to avoid using anything abrasive that could scratch the surface of your splashback.

Will a Pressed Metal Splashback Rust?

No, pressed aluminium doesn’t rust. However, depending on the chosen finish, the grade of the aluminium sheeting and the level of exposure to the elements, aluminium can corrode and become slightly discoloured over time.

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