What are Drawer Base Cabinets?

What are Drawer Base Cabinets?

When designing your new kitchen, there are many cabinet styles to choose from. One of the most popular base cabinets in today’s kitchens is the drawer base cabinet. 

Drawer base cabinets provide flexible storage options and feature a sliding draw set. You might have three or four drawers in a stack, or opt for a customised single or double drawer set. Read below to discover more about drawer base cabinets and how to use them in your kitchen.

Key Summary

Base cabinets are low cabinets that sit on the floor and provide space for your kitchen essentials and are available in several styles. So, what are drawer base cabinets? These are a style of floor-mounted cabinet that feature two or more slide-close drawers to store kitchen and home essentials.

Drawer base cabinets have become particularly popular today. They are practical and convenient.

What are Drawer Base cabinets?

Drawer base cabinets have drawers instead of doors. They commonly feature three and four-drawer stacks, but can be customised to your requirements.  

They provide generous storage space and are the easiest way to access kitchen items. Drawer base cabinets are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials. They are popular in contemporary spaces, or any design wanting a well organised cooking space.

Drawer base cabinets can be custom-built to fit your specific needs and requirements. This includes custom height, width, and depth and features such as soft-close, full extension or dovetail drawer boxes.

Drawer base cabinets are a popular option among homeowners today due to their design appeal and functionality.

What are the Types of Base Cabinets?

In Australia, there are several configurations for base cabinets. They include:

Drawer base cabinets

Floor-based cabinets feature one or several slide out drawers that enhance kitchen organisation and ability to access items.

Door base cabinets

Traditional type of base cabinets, consisting of one or two cabinet doors that swing open to reveal a storage area with shelves

Base Corner cabinets

For L-shaped kitchen cabinetry layout. Corner cabinets ensure that you can access that corner space and can include a classic design, rotating mechanism or blind corner cabinet with a pullout.

Open shelf base cabinets 

Cabinets with no doors that are designed to provide open shelving for display or easy access to frequently used items. 

Pantry base Cabinets

A single, tall cabinet for food storage and kitchen items, may feature pull-out shelves or baskets.

Other base cabinets

Other varieties of base cabinets include oven and cooktop base. These are designed to accommodate the kitchen appliance with storage compartments built around them.

What are the Advantages of Drawer Base Cabinets?

Key benefits include:

  • Easy Access and Visibility: drawer base cabinets offer ergonomic ease of access. You can access the cabinet’s contents with less bending and quickly grab items even if they’re at the back of the drawer. This simplifies your home storage. 
  • Maximum Storage Space: drawers provide maximum storage space for kitchen essentials. With multiple drawers of varying sizes, you can easily store everything from small utensils to large pots and pans.
  • Deeper drawers suit cookware and bakeware, while shallower drawers hold misc items from corkscrews to dishtowels. Top drawers are suited to utensils and cooking implements so you can grab them as you cook.
  • Customisable: For ultimate design suitability, customise the size of the drawers, so you can tailor your kitchen storage space to fit your needs. This includes a variety of sizes with a wide range of height, width and depth options to choose from.
  • Design: Drawer base cabinets suit many aesthetics from modern, rustic or classic. They are available in many materials from timber to high-gloss, so there will be a cabinet style in a finish to suit your taste.

What are the Disadvantages of Drawer Base Cabinets?

  • Cost: Drawer base cabinets tend to be more expensive than a classic kitchen cupboard, due to additional labour and materials. However, this extra cost delivers better value overall as their storage capacity is increased and they also deliver a higher resale value for your home.
  • Limited Options: Drawer base cabinets are available in a wide range but there are fewer design options available than door base cabinets.
    To overcome this, opt for a custom design to get the kitchen configuration and cabinet size that will suit you best.
  • Weight Limitations: Any drawer will have a weight limitation, which means that you will need to be mindful of overloading them.

However, if you invest in a high quality drawer system tailored to your needs, you can easily store everything you need and the drawers will not sag or fatigue.

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