Industrial Style Kitchen

Industrial Style Kitchens are certainly well known for their wow factor. These kitchens are bold and beautiful, taking advantage of many features that set them apart from the rest. With a unique aesthetic, they often feature in large, open-plan areas where space allows the design to take centre stage.


Born from the desire to combine the working aspects of a commercial kitchen and loft-inspired design, these kitchens certainly make a big statement. Today they have become a distinct kitchen style that graces many homes and apartments and continues to grow in popularity. Highly functional with durable surfaces and finishes, the industrial kitchen is renowned for its incorporation of many different materials to give that raw industrial atmosphere.


Common Characteristics

Known for their spacious feel, these kitchens are bold and big. Common features are polished concrete floors alongside dark benchtops, exposed beams, or even uncovered pipes. Many also feature exposed brickwork and wooden features. It’s all about showcasing the rawness of the space while remaining incredibly functional.

Some industrial kitchens also blend with contemporary aspects to create a truly spectacular space that will certainly be the focal point of your home. Also popular is the addition of a splash of vintage, with hanging pots and pans alongside eye-catching lighting.

Pendant lighting is also a fashionable choice in these kitchens that is often used as a design element to expand the vintage feel of the kitchen. Wall-mounted rails and retro appliances make the zone pop and are a staple in these designs. There are many options you can bring into the space, from subway tiled splashbacks, and open shelves, or even a hanging wall garden.

Hard angles with sleek lines are a common feature. Fittings and fixtures are typically metal, with some boasting a copper feel, to bring the kitchen to life and add warmth. Heavy-duty fixtures with bold knobs and handles, robust and statement pieces such as hanging pot racks that are attached to the ceiling, add a wonderful focal aspect while staying highly practical. Stainless steel finishes bring an element of professionalism and commercialism into the space while also adding a smooth feel to the rough textures common in industrial kitchens.

Many also combine different textures and materials – think leather, metal bar stools, reclaimed raw wood, and the staple stainless steel.


Suitable Homes

Typically these kitchens are only suitable for large, open spaces and homes that share an element of the industrial feel. They are best suited to homes that boast high ceilings and space to create that rough and airy feel of the kitchen. Having naked walls, brickwork, and exposed pipes are a bonus to develop the perfect industrial feel. However, with clever design, these kitchens can come to life in any good-sized space.


These lofty kitchens need a good blank canvas. If you have a modern kitchen, and you’re wanting to convert to the industrial feel, be prepared to have this completely stripped back to create a laid-back space, that is warm, inviting while incorporating that lived-in feel. 


These kitchens certainly make a statement while staying true to their highly functional roots. Bold, beautiful, and robust.

Our Difference

Because of their experience, our designers know the latest trends and materials, or the classics used in today’s kitchens. We can help design you a kitchen that creates a striking or calming effect, while being energy efficient. We can also design a kitchen that is easy to maintain or the most durable for your lifestyle. At the planning stage, we will discuss your requirements and parameters to design a kitchen that will suit your home and your needs, without blowing your budget.

Our designers at Mint Kitchens will be available to consult with the construction team and clarify specifications as needed. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, so we know the importance of communication when it comes to getting a project from consultation and design through to construction and completion.


Why choose us?

When you design your new kitchen with Mint, we take the stress out of kitchen renovations. We offer full project management and excellent customer service – our job is only finished when you’re 100% happy.

Whether you’re new to renovating or have managed projects in the past, we have a personal approach to design and construction. Your kitchen will be delivered to you on time and on budget. Our joinery is all proudly made in Melbourne and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Our designers are CKD.Au certified and our builders registered (RBP). All this means that when it comes to your new kitchen – we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services or request a free consult.

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