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Deconstructing Design: Part 4 – The Renovation Process

When setting up your initial meeting with a kitchen designer, here is what to expect. There will be an initial Q&A session that covers many of the previous considerations for your kitchen renovation; your functional needs, your wish list and your style preferences.

The designer makes a site visit to step through the key design elements, in-situ and work through any on-site limitations that may affect design. Concept sketches will then be developed, followed by another two in-store meetings. The first meeting involves presenting design concepts for your kitchen, discussing each element and sketching in any changes. The selection of materials, colours and textures will also be refined. The second meeting involves a presentation of the final design concept with samples of the materials selected and any discussion around final adjustments.

Based on your timeline, the design and planning period can take 1-2 weeks for fast decision-makers, but is more likely to take 2-4 weeks to finalise. Once the design is confirmed, the lead time, or the time from commitment through to delivery, can take around 6-8 weeks. This time frame will be determined by the selection of materials. For example, Jan and Jim chose cabinetry in a durable 2-pac paint finish, which takes around two weeks longer than laminate. They also selected stone benchtops, which also take two weeks longer than laminate, to supply.

When the physical renovation is about to commence, the first step is preparing the room. This occurs around one week prior to delivery of the cabinetry. The old kitchen is ripped out and the room is prepared for installation. Any crooked walls are straightened, while electrical and plumbing works are prepared for any new placements. The installation of cabinetry takes 1-5 days, based on the size and layout of the room, then plumbing and any wired appliances are installed by qualified tradespeople.

The on-site works can take 2-4 weeks, based on the materials selected for the renovation and if structural work is required, it may add another two weeks to the site preparation. The disruption to your household usually lasts around four weeks and your Mint KG project manager will keep you advised of any changes. During this time, we find that many clients will set up a makeshift kitchen in the laundry and put their microwave to good use.

With a final clean, handover takes place. You can move everything back into the kitchen and enjoy your stunning new kitchen space. Mint Kitchen Group takes the stress and uncertainty out of the renovation process. When working with a full-service kitchen design and renovation group, there is nothing to worry about.

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