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Deconstructing Design: Part 3 – Overcoming renovation obstacles

There are inevitably limitations in any kitchen renovation, whether it’s budget constraints, the kitchen cannot expand beyond its current footprint, or how the styling will work with the rest of your home.

Jan and Jim’s renovation involved three major obstacles. The first was that the existing floor space could not be changed. The second was the desire for additional storage, the introduction of a second oven and the addition of a butler’s pantry; all within the existing kitchen footprint. The third restriction involved budget. As the home was a recent purchase and the existing kitchen was only five years old, Jan and Jim did not want to over spend on this renovation.

The first two hurdles were overcome through creative design and innovative use of storage systems, while the budget constraints were resolved by reusing existing appliances and cabinetry. The result is a stunning, contemporary space that meets the client brief.

Jan and Jim’s renovation is a good example of modern kitchen styling; in neutral tones. It features ‘Extreme White’ and ‘Ploughed Earth’ 2-pac satin painted doors and panels, with a gorgeous reconstituted quartz benchtop, in ‘Walnut’. The neutral colour palette works with the adjoining living space and is in sharp contrast to the bright red benchtops in the butler’s pantry. The colour selections define the purpose for each of these spaces: a sleek, contemporary kitchen for sophisticated entertaining and a playful use of colour in the butler’s pantry as a creative cooking space.

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