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Deconstructing Design: Part 2 – Creating your Wish List of kitchen design

Always consider what it is that you don’t like about your existing kitchen, when discussing your ideal kitchen with a designer.

This will provide clarity around the ‘no-go-zones’ for your project. How you use the kitchen greatly influences its form and function; a kitchen designed for entertaining will have a different layout to one used primarily for food preparation or family meals. The number of adults in your household may impact the size and shape of your floorplan. And if children or teenagers frequent the kitchen you may take a more practical approach to the accessibility of appliances.

The selection of appliances is significant to your kitchen design. First consider the purely functional elements of your space; two wall ovens or one? Then your cooking style; would you like access to convection, induction or traditional cooking systems? Do you prefer your day-to-day benchtop appliances to be stored, with ready access or left on the bench? Are there additional features you would like to incorporate into the design, such as temperature controlled wine storage or a vacuum system, built in to your kick boards?

These are all elements that the Mint KG designer will discuss with you during the design consultation process so don’t feel overwhelmed. Another key consideration to improve the functionality of your kitchen is storage systems. There have been so many advances in in-cupboard storage options that offer greater convenience and easier access. Your designer will talk through the range of options that best fit your lifestyle. How you use the kitchen will also drive the expanse of bench space you require and influence the shape of your kitchen, or your work zone. Of course, we can’t forget the piece de resistance; the selection of colours, tones and textures. Along with your style preferences; contemporary, traditional, retro, industrial, the combinations are almost limitless. Part IV of this blog series will take you through the design meetings and installation.

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