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  • Kitchen Design Guide

    Thanks to Fisher & Pakyel for sharing their Kitchen Design Guide.

    It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and start thinking colour schemes and stone benchtops and nifty drawer inserts as soon as you decide to renovate or design a new kitchen. But, before you pick out the paint swatches, you need to work out the best use of space for how you live. Ask yourself Do you entertain often? Do you cook together? Do you cook at all? Do you have toddler triplets who want to make their own breakfasts or teens raiding the fridge at all hours? Do you pick up groceries every day or once a fortnight? Work out how you and your family will use your kitchen because this will impact everything from the materials to the appliances. You might need a complete overhaul or you might be after a small facelift. Being clear about your needs and aspirations will make the entire process faster and better.

    Kitchen Design Guide

  • Combining bold colours & contemporary design for Summer Chic

    The Mint Kitchen Group was tasked with transforming a functional kitchen into a contemporary statement. The clients were looking for a kitchen that oozed ‘form and function’; one that worked well with the contemporary style of their home.

    The layout of the adjoining living space placed some constraints on the boundaries of the new kitchen – it could not stretch beyond the existing kitchen’s footprint. However, the designers overcame this by suggesting a ‘gully-style’ kitchen; a hybrid of the traditional galley style and the popular ‘U’-shaped choice. Doing so added an extra wall of cabinetry, providing greater storage above and below the benchtops.

    Bright white finishes create a fresh, clean and uncluttered atmosphere. The Laminex Polar White cabinetry is complemented by a 12mm Bone White Essastone benchtop and the diamond format splashback tiles add a textural element to this kitchen.

    The clients specified a minimalist look. This was achieved by removing overhanging benchtops to streamline the effect; offering strong, clean lines. Push-to-open, handle less cupboards and drawers add to the crisp, minimalism of this space. The white on white finishes create a contemporary look, with ingenious Blum electronic opening systems and clever storage concepts, optimising both space and function in this room.


    An all-white kitchen is the perfect backdrop for bold colours in adjoining living spaces.


    The textured, diamond format splashback tiles are highlighted by down lights fitted to the overhead cabinetry.


    Bold colours and contemporary styling are evident in the adjoining living space.

    Cabinetry, panels and kickboards

    2-Pac Glass in Laminex Polar White.


    12mm Essastone in Bone White


    Tiles Diamond Format – Earp Dimensional Range


    Hettich LED Strip Lights (under overheads)

    Internal Hardware

    Blum Heavy Duty, Soft Closing on Servo (Electronic) Opening Systems; Blum Aventos lift up on Servo; Blum Sink Drawers with Integrated Twin Bins.


    Siemens UBO


    Siemens Gas


    Sirius Undermount


    Siemens Tall Semi-Integrated






    Franke Professional Grande
  • 5 Things to Consider Before a Kitchen Renovation

    So you’ve decided to take the plunge and renovate your kitchen.

    You’ve dreamed, saved, and planned for months and as excited as you are, there are a few things that need to be considered before such a big undertaking. We’ve come up with a few questions you should always ask yourself in the lead up to making your renovation decisions.

    What are you trying to achieve?

    First things first, what are you trying to achieve? Once you’ve figured out what currently works for you in your existing kitchen and what changes you’d like to make, you’ll need to decide your ultimate goal. Is it more space, more light, or even less clutter? Make sure your personal taste and style balances out practicality and most of all, have fun!


    What is your budget?

    On to step two, you’ll need to have a set budget! This will allow you to know exactly what you can get and what your limitations are. Conversely, by having your budget planned out, designers and renovators can help set up a framework and keep your expectations in check. A little flexibility can’t hurt either.

    How long will it take?

    Depending on the scope of the project, you and your family may need to temporarily relocate during the construction phase. By moving out, you’re providing contractors with both freedom and working space in tackling the project. Noise pollution is also a factor that comes into play for both your family and your immediate neighbours so be conscious of that too. If you have young children, keeping them safe and out of harm’s way can sometimes be challenging and moving out for a week could be a good solution.


    How will this affect the areas around the kitchen?

    Make sure you’ve spoken to the contractor about minimising mess and dust. As a general issue of cleanliness you’ll need to figure out exactly what measures will need to be taken. This is especially so if anybody in your family has respiratory problems. There’s also the issue of surrounding furniture (everything from books on shelves to curios hanging on your walls) so it’s best to have everything moved or packed away until the project is finished.

    How will this affect your use of appliances?

    Do you like your appliances out and readily accessible? Or do you like them to be stored away so you have more space and remove clutter? Dedicated appliance storage spaces can help keep your kitchen orderly and feel more spacious. Corner storage, drawer systems, power point locations, and other internal fittings should be explored to determine the best fit for you.

    Now that we’ve got that all sorted, what are you waiting for?

    Come and visit us at Mint Kitchens to take your project to the next step or call 1300 935 404

  • Welcome to the world of creative printed glass design. Applying images to glass is at the forefront of innovation for kitchen splashbacks and bathroom installations. Select an image from our catalogue, or create your own printed glass design. Glass is low maintenance and easy to clean, offers a clean, streamlined look and is supported by a 7-year guarantee.

  • Outdoor Room

    For something a little left-of-centre, feast your eyes on this outdoor kitchen room, featuring customised cabinetry that is one of Mint KG’s specialties.

  • Welcome to our all new Mint Kitchen Group blog!

    We’ll be blasting you fortnightly Mint updates, along with industry insights and tons of inspiration for your next renovation project. Somehow, it’s March already, and if you’re anything like us you’ll be wondering where the time has gone. If you’d planned to have kick started your kitchen design by now but haven’t found the time, don’t sweat. Join us at one of our showrooms for a friendly, no obligation design consultation. It doesn’t matter where your head is at – we’re here to make you feel supported on your journey to your new kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

    FridgeYou might’ve spotted us on Facebook and Instagram already, but if you haven’t, we’d love you to stop by. If you’re posting yourself, jump on our hashtag, #MyMintKitchen, and join the conversation about all things kitchen design.

    Top Trends of the Year

    There’s some big design trends taking 2016 by storm, so if you’re looking for a little inspiration, you’re in the right place. Here’s some styles and themes to keep an eye out for this year:

    • Warm metals are here to stay. The hype around copper and brass is certainly staying top-of-mind for smart kitchen designs, and give your interior a homely, rustic yet modern feel.
    • Porcelain is proving to be a hot topic for kitchen design in 2016. Forged using the finest raw materials and industrial technology, the scratch resistant, lightweight material is available in an extensive range of finishes. Our Burnley showroom is now home to a stunning Neolith porcelain benchtop kitchen in a marble design – why not pop in and visit Frank and the team to explore the potential for porcelain in your kitchen?
    • Comfy furniture is a key accessory trend this year. While some edgy kitchens often leave behind the element of homely comfort, the top styles this year are all paying homage to back support and usability – of course with a modern, stylish exterior!
    • The ever-stylish neutral colour schemes are continuing to be a hit in 2016. Our Laminex swatches are a great place to start exploring neutral tones for your kitchen, and they’re available at all our showrooms for you to browse and take home.
    • To our delight, Anne Ellard has dubbed fresh mint green the shade of 2016! Delicately quirky with a vintage flair, look out for mint green splashed across kitchen designs as an accent colour.


    neutral kitchen blog



    Download full article

  • Deconstructing Design: Part 4 – The Renovation Process

    When setting up your initial meeting with a kitchen designer, here is what to expect. There will be an initial Q&A session that covers many of the previous considerations for your kitchen renovation; your functional needs, your wish list and your style preferences.

    The designer makes a site visit to step through the key design elements, in-situ and work through any on-site limitations that may affect design. Concept sketches will then be developed, followed by another two in-store meetings. The first meeting involves presenting design concepts for your kitchen, discussing each element and sketching in any changes. The selection of materials, colours and textures will also be refined. The second meeting involves a presentation of the final design concept with samples of the materials selected and any discussion around final adjustments.

    Based on your timeline, the design and planning period can take 1-2 weeks for fast decision-makers, but is more likely to take 2-4 weeks to finalise. Once the design is confirmed, the lead time, or the time from commitment through to delivery, can take around 6-8 weeks. This time frame will be determined by the selection of materials. For example, Jan and Jim chose cabinetry in a durable 2-pac paint finish, which takes around two weeks longer than laminate. They also selected stone benchtops, which also take two weeks longer than laminate, to supply.

    When the physical renovation is about to commence, the first step is preparing the room. This occurs around one week prior to delivery of the cabinetry. The old kitchen is ripped out and the room is prepared for installation. Any crooked walls are straightened, while electrical and plumbing works are prepared for any new placements. The installation of cabinetry takes 1-5 days, based on the size and layout of the room, then plumbing and any wired appliances are installed by qualified tradespeople.

    The on-site works can take 2-4 weeks, based on the materials selected for the renovation and if structural work is required, it may add another two weeks to the site preparation. The disruption to your household usually lasts around four weeks and your Mint KG project manager will keep you advised of any changes. During this time, we find that many clients will set up a makeshift kitchen in the laundry and put their microwave to good use.

    With a final clean, handover takes place. You can move everything back into the kitchen and enjoy your stunning new kitchen space. Mint Kitchen Group takes the stress and uncertainty out of the renovation process. When working with a full-service kitchen design and renovation group, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Deconstructing Design: Part 3 – Overcoming renovation obstacles

    There are inevitably limitations in any kitchen renovation, whether it’s budget constraints, the kitchen cannot expand beyond its current footprint, or how the styling will work with the rest of your home.

    Jan and Jim’s renovation involved three major obstacles. The first was that the existing floor space could not be changed. The second was the desire for additional storage, the introduction of a second oven and the addition of a butler’s pantry; all within the existing kitchen footprint. The third restriction involved budget. As the home was a recent purchase and the existing kitchen was only five years old, Jan and Jim did not want to over spend on this renovation.

    The first two hurdles were overcome through creative design and innovative use of storage systems, while the budget constraints were resolved by reusing existing appliances and cabinetry. The result is a stunning, contemporary space that meets the client brief.

    Jan and Jim’s renovation is a good example of modern kitchen styling; in neutral tones. It features ‘Extreme White’ and ‘Ploughed Earth’ 2-pac satin painted doors and panels, with a gorgeous reconstituted quartz benchtop, in ‘Walnut’. The neutral colour palette works with the adjoining living space and is in sharp contrast to the bright red benchtops in the butler’s pantry. The colour selections define the purpose for each of these spaces: a sleek, contemporary kitchen for sophisticated entertaining and a playful use of colour in the butler’s pantry as a creative cooking space.

  • Deconstructing Design: Part 2 – Creating your Wish List of kitchen design

    Always consider what it is that you don’t like about your existing kitchen, when discussing your ideal kitchen with a designer.

    This will provide clarity around the ‘no-go-zones’ for your project. How you use the kitchen greatly influences its form and function; a kitchen designed for entertaining will have a different layout to one used primarily for food preparation or family meals. The number of adults in your household may impact the size and shape of your floorplan. And if children or teenagers frequent the kitchen you may take a more practical approach to the accessibility of appliances.

    The selection of appliances is significant to your kitchen design. First consider the purely functional elements of your space; two wall ovens or one? Then your cooking style; would you like access to convection, induction or traditional cooking systems? Do you prefer your day-to-day benchtop appliances to be stored, with ready access or left on the bench? Are there additional features you would like to incorporate into the design, such as temperature controlled wine storage or a vacuum system, built in to your kick boards?

    These are all elements that the Mint KG designer will discuss with you during the design consultation process so don’t feel overwhelmed. Another key consideration to improve the functionality of your kitchen is storage systems. There have been so many advances in in-cupboard storage options that offer greater convenience and easier access. Your designer will talk through the range of options that best fit your lifestyle. How you use the kitchen will also drive the expanse of bench space you require and influence the shape of your kitchen, or your work zone. Of course, we can’t forget the piece de resistance; the selection of colours, tones and textures. Along with your style preferences; contemporary, traditional, retro, industrial, the combinations are almost limitless. Part IV of this blog series will take you through the design meetings and installation.

  • Deconstructing Design: Part 1 – Thinking about a Kitchen Renovation

    Renovating a kitchen can be an exciting and nerve-racking time for many. For first-time renovators it may seem like a complicated process full of uncertainty; but when you know what to expect, the reality is far less stressful. This is the first of a four-part blog, stepping you through all the elements of a kitchen renovation, from beginning the design process, to dealing with the installation.

    When considering a kitchen renovation it’s likely you will have many questions about how the process works and how to incorporate all your ideas into your ideal kitchen. Thankfully, it’s not as complicated as it may first seem. We follow Jan and Jim as they renovate their kitchen with the Mint Kitchen Group.

    Jan and Jim contacted the Mint KG designers, wanting to update their kitchen, which adjoins the living and dining spaces in an open plan setting. Their waterfront house has a contemporary beachfront style and they wanted to continue this theme through to their kitchen. The major detractors of the existing kitchen were its lack of style and storage space. In discussing this with their Mint KG designer, they were able to plan a kitchen that suited their needs and included fresh, modern colours and finishes, additional storage and a butler’s pantry with ample space for food preparation.

    When deciding to renovate, consider your personal tastes and lifestyle, the look of your current kitchen, the available floor space, how you would like the kitchen to function and your budget. In the initial stages of a kitchen renovation you will sit down with your designer to discuss the outcomes you desire and throw around some ideas. This discussion will allow both you and the designer to gain a better understanding of what the new kitchen will look like, and this is arguably, the most important stage. It will define whether your kitchen has contemporary or more traditional styling, which will also drive the selection of materials, textures and finishes.


  • Great design features striking forms and seamless function. Kitchen hardware has evolved beyond purely functional elements. Hardware now contributes to the ergonomics or flow of your space; adds design elements to your room; creates storage solutions; and improves the organisation of your kitchen. This is the mechanics behind your design.

    Explore the latest hardware trends to create your ultimate kitchen renovation.


    If you’re designing in a tight space, consider pull-out pantries as an ergonomic option. They provide easy access to all shelves and offer divided storage systems for greater organization. Corner cupboards become more accessible when including a modern take on the traditional lazy-susan. Cupboards can benefit from side pull-out caddies for greater convenience and partitioned drawer systems will separate kitchen items of different shapes and sizes.

    Storage solutions have also progressed in the once grubby area of waste management. Systems now offer more dividers to separate waste; options of metal cabinet lids to minimize odours; greater frame strength for increased stability; and the convenience of push-to-open doors, for hands-free access.


    Kitchens have evolved beyond the latest appliances, to include electronics within the mechanics of your design. Streamlined systems are now available to create more efficient preparation areas and offer fast access to your storage zones.

    Consider the powered drive of drawers that open automatically to a light touch, giving you ready access when your hands are full. Apply the same principle to your waste cupboard for clean, mess-free kitchen doors and handles. Then take it one step further to integrate an in-cupboard vacuum system! A covered duct sits in your kickboard, simply push with your foot to open and activate, dirt is swept close to the open duct and whoosh, it’s sucked away. Clean, fast, efficient.


    Lighting in all its shapes and forms, continues to be used as a design feature throughout our homes. The kitchen space is no different; whether it is used to create ambience, is purely functional, or acts as a display element; the focus on lighting is everywhere.

    Lighting is used within drawers and cabinets to illuminate dark spaces and create more efficient work zones. Use it to highlight display shelves, to backlight glass splashbacks or frosted glass cabinets. You may choose to be functional or purely decorative; create a silhouette or make a statement with lighting.

    You see, it’s not just what’s on the outside that matters; kitchen hardware has grown up. It’s now practical and innovative, with a flair all its own. Use hardware to your advantage and make the most of your next kitchen renovation.

  • Australian Achiever Award

    Mint KG has received a 2015 Australian Achiever Award for Excellence in Customer Service, in the Building, Repair, Restoration & Carpentry Services category.

    AAAEncourage-150x150Businesses are rated by their customers, over a range of service criteria; including time related service, addressing client needs, care & attention, value attitude, communication and overall perception.

    Anything over 80% is regarded as exceptional service & we received a 95.55% score! Here’s what one customer had to say:

    I am very happy that I decided to use them because they were always friendly and cheerful on the job, they kept us updated all the time and I honestly had a hard time remembering they were here because of the good job they always did with their clean up at the end of every day. My new kitchen is great.

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    Visit the Fisher & Paykel stand and talk to our Award Winning Designers. Get advice on everything from layout, finishes and appliances.

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    No two families are the same and Fisher & Paykel can help you create a kitchen that best suits the unique way you live your life, talk to the Mint KG guys on the stand for insights and tools to help guide you through the process. Visit the stand for your chance to win a fabulous $80,000 RRP kitchen makeover*  For all details click here

  • The Kitchen & Bathroom Design Institute has nominated three Mint Kitchen Group designs for their Best Kitchen Design Awards this year. And you can vote for your favourite, in the People’s Choice Awards.

    Our nominations are:

    Best Medium Kitchens

    Classic kitchen renovation

    Clean lines and calming tones create a beautiful space, with an unexpected shot of colour in the butler’s pantry.

    • Island Benchtop: Caesarstone, Walnut
    • Pantry Benchtop: Laminex, Pillarbox Red; Natural Finish
    • Doors & Panels: Dulux, Extreme White; 2-pac paint
    • Overhead Open Shelves: Dulux, Ploughed Earth; 2-pac paint

    Contemporary kitchen design

    Crisp white benchtops and cabinetry set the scene for stunning woodgrain cupboards and shelving inserts.

    • Benchtops: Caesarstone, Organic White
    • Base Cupboards: Dulux, Natural White; 2-pac gloss paint
    • Full Cupboards: Cleaf, Dark Rovere
    • Splashback: Dulux, Natural White; toughened glass

    Best Small Kitchen nomination:

    kitchen renovation

    Granite and gloss transform this zone; using textural elements in the benchtop and contrasting neutral tones.

    • Benchtop: Granite, Gran Delicatus
    • Doors & Panels: Laminex, Paperbark; in Silk Finish
    • Splashback: Dulux, On the Rocks; toughened glass
  • some short videos of Frank, Lindsey and Albert talking about kitchens for the Australia’s Best Houses television show

  • Current Television Commercial For Mint Kitchen Group in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Take a tour of our Award winning Light & Bright kitchen, as it featured recently on Abode TV.

    Link to gallery

  • Enjoy a designers perspective of our award winning Strong & Sophisticated kitchen, as seen on Abode TV.

    Link to gallery

  • FREE Kitchen Design Seminars

    Enjoy one of our free Kitchen Design Seminars. Held regularly in Melbourne, you’ll hear professional designers speak about the latest trends in colour and design. You’ll also see how the newest product innovations can improve the performance of your kitchen. Hurry, limited seats are available and bookings are essential.

    Click here to receive details or call us on (03) 9373 0505.

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